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Refugee Integration Yorkshire and Humber

Our ambition is to roll-out a whole-society approach to integration across Yorkshire and Humber and to support new refugees, communities and public services to work with and benefit from each other.

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Making connections, building resilience: The refugee integration strategy for Yorkshire and Humber

This strategy lays out a vision for refugee integration and identifies key priority areas and themes for the region. It has been designed as a tool to support stakeholders from a wide range of sectors and geographical areas, raise the profile of refugee integration, and help improve the outcomes for refugees living here. 

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Regional Refugee Integration Forum

The regional Refugee Integration Forum is a new strategic forum promoting refugee integration throughout Yorkshire and Humber.  There are over 40 forum members from a wide range of sectors across the region including Local Authorities, the Voluntary and Community Sector, the Home Office, Employment, Education, Housing, the Police, Health and Wellbeing, Arts and Culture, Sport and Leisure and those with lived experience as refugees.

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Everyday co-living

This research explores the experiences and practices of hosting from the perspectives of people who welcomed families and individuals from Ukraine into their homes.

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Collaborating in the shade of a tree - peer research toolkit

This toolkit has been produced to share learning and resources on using a peer research model to carry out migration-related research.  It includes content produced by Migration Yorkshire, and also brings together learning from peer research carried out by other organisations.

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