In this section you can find reports on migration trends in Yorkshire and Humber. Local migration profiles and census profiles each present different aspects of the migration picture, so you may want to read both to get an overall understanding.


Local migration profiles

Our local migration profiles provide different and more recent data than the census, but usually only count [or estimate] new arrivals rather than the entire resident migrant population. 
Go to: Local migration profiles 2020


Do you want to know about the newest migrant arrivals to your area? Our annual newcomer briefings and infographics describe some statistics about the newest arrivals to different local areas in Yorkshire and the Humber.
Go to: Newcomers 2019

Census profiles

The census is a fairly comprehensive count of the resident ‘migrant’ population on 27 March 2011. However, it is a snapshot of what happened on that particular date, and is not updated for at least 10 years, so does not capture subsequent change.
Go to: 2011 census profiles

Migration maps

We can currently provide data maps showing new arrivals to our 21 individual local authority areas.

This service is available to partner organisations in Yorkshire and Humber.
Go to: migration maps





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