Refugee and asylum seeker dashboard



The dashboard on this page brings together various data sources to provide a comprehensive, up to date and interactive profile about these groups for local authority areas in Yorkshire and Humber.

This dashboard is updated every quarter when new data is released by the Home Office usually in the last week of February, May, August and November.

This dashboard is in a new format and still in development, if you have any queries please get in touch by emailing

How do you operate the dashboard?

The dashboard has been designed to be viewed on a laptop or desktop screen. Currently some interactive features are less compatible on mobile screens.

We encourage you to view visualisations in full screen mode to ensure the visualisation and labels are clearly visible. You can do this by clicking the focus mode icon (square with arrows which appears at the top right of the visualisation when you hover over it) and minimise again by clicking “Back to report”.
There are instructions detailing how to use key features of the dashboard on the “Additional instructions” page, which can be accessed from the Home page of the dashboard.

Sharing insights

Data from the visualisations cannot be downloaded; you can refer to the original data source noted on each visual and the ‘Dataset notes and definitions’ page if you require this.

You can use the snipping tool or print screen functions on your device to take copies of any visualisation, or request a .jpeg file from the Data and Statistics team.

There is a lot to take in at first sight. We would encourage you to take time to read the user guide within the dashboard and familiarise yourself with the contents of each visual, by reading the supporting information on each of the section home pages. Ensure you pay attention to areas selected in the filters, time periods, when data is at local, regional or national level, titles of charts and axes labels.

We hope this dashboard is useful for you to learn about asylum seekers, resettled refugees and UASC, and influence policy and strategy and develop evidence-based services.

This is a new method for Migration Yorkshire to share data and statistics. We’d appreciate hearing your feedback and comments, please contact us.

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