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Everything you need to know about education and learning English in Yorkshire and Humber region.


Compulsory education (ages 5 to 16) 

Information for BNO parents on how to apply for a school place can be found in the Hong Kong BNO Welcome Pack. 

Detailed information on support available for children with special needs can be found on website.  


Education for adults and young people (above 16) 

Options for young people finishing high school are explained on the National Careers Service website.  

Prince's Trust is a charity helping young people up to the age of 30 get into jobs, education and training, including setting up their own business. Support is free and available across the UK. For more information, see the Prince's Trust 'Opportunities near me' page, call 0800 842 842 or use the Princes Trust online chat.  

Open University offers a number of free courses that can be accessed online. Courses cover a wide range of subjects, from English skills for life and supporting children’s mental health and well-being, to the importance of interpersonal skills and planning a better future.  


Drop-in session on education 

Post-16 education options - 14 December 2022

We explored different education options available to young people in the UK and were joined by organisations specialising in guiding and supporting young people in choosing the right educational paths and providing career advice.

Click here to view the 'Post-16 education options '  and 'Prince's Trust: Post-16 education options' presentations.


Support for children with SEND - 16 November 2022

We were joined by a speaker from a local Special Education Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS), who spoke about support and resources available to children with SEND in the UK, including:  

  • An overview of the SEN support system   

  • Understanding how to request an education, health and care (EHC) plan  

  • Using a SEN assessment from Hong Kong  

  • Impact of the NRPF condition 


School culture - 30 March 2022 

This session covered information on supplementary schools, overview of school system and culture, communicating with schools and more.  

Learning English

English Classes  

To find local English class at your level in your local area, visit the Learning English in Yorkshire and Humber Directory.

Some classes are free for everyone, while others might have tighter funding restrictions. A BN(O) visa holder cannot access free English classes or any courses that are funded through the Adult Education Budget (AEB) for the first 3 years or their residence in the UK.


English learning opportunities for Hongkongers 

ESOL courses for residents in Leeds

BN(O) visa holders living in Leeds are now eligible to access a wide range of informal English courses offered by Leeds City Council.

An offer includes courses such as:

- ESOL for driving

- English for Administration

- Enhance your knowledge about the life in the UK

- English for Job Applications

- Digital Skills Workshop

All courses can be found at


Café Connect Hubs (informal, in person) 


Online learning

Informal English class



Practise conversational English for talking to doctors, teachers, landlords, and neighbours. 

  • Fridays, 10:00am - 11:00am 



Conversations and activities on UK history and culture. 

  • Fridays, 11:15am - 12:00pm



To find out more about activities and events for Hongkongers in Yorkshire and Humber download our Calendar of activities.


Drop-in session on learning English 

Learning English in Y&H - 5 January 2022 

This event provided an overview of a Migrant English Support Hub (MESH) website where you can find all English classes run in Yorkshire and Humber area. It explained how to look for free local classes and contact providers to sign up. 


Other drop-in sessions


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