Induction and training

Delivering appropriate induction and training

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How do I deliver induction and training that equips peer researchers with the skills and confidence for the role?

We have developed six key tips on this topic based on our experience of working with peer and community researchers at Migration Yorkshire. These are listed here, and you can find more detail in the tool on the left hand side of this page.

1. Start with the basics

2. Shadowing is a valuable learning tool

3. Offer informal training sessions as the need arises

4. Allow enough time for induction and corporate personal development

5. Be flexible about working arrangements

6. Provide a variety of opportunities for developing skills and experience

A drawing of a row of trees of varying heights.
This image of trees of varying heights reminds us that people begin their peer research journey at different stages of their development.


Last updated: 22nd December 2022

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