Yorkshire Integration Festival line up

Welcome to Sheffield!

Festival timings are subject to change, but we aim to ensure that this information is as up to date as possible.


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Peace Gardens stage

10:15am Tai Chi Workshop

10:50am Dvi Doli

11:15am Nottingham Ukrainian School Choir

11:35am KaskoSan Dance Group (front of stage)

12:00 noon Unite the Union Brass Band

12:40pm Sheffield One World Choir (front of stage)

1:30pm ZOR

1:55pm New World Steel Orchestra (front of stage)

2:25pm Punjabi Roots

3:10pm African Dance Workshop (front of stage)

3:40pm Ubunye

4:25pm New World Steel Orchestra (front of stage)

4:55pm K.O.G.


Winter Garden stage

10:55am Stand & Be Counted Youth Theatre of Sanctuary

11:30am Livia Barreira

12:30 Hind & the Jafa Cakes and Shahnai

1:45pm Loraine Mponela

2:30pm Otis Mensah

3:30pm Ulia Lord and Brattia

4:30pm Samia Malik

Roaming performances

The Peace Artistes


A la Puppet Carte

Yeshe the Yak


Global Village Stage

Jesimine Moyo

Wan Abdullah

Kamika Peart-Manning

Amir Monsef

Rosa Cisneros

Paul The Saxman

Emily Wood

Hussain Suliman

Mum’s United



Exhibitions - Winter Garden and Millennium Gallery

We Are Here, Because You Were There

Becoming Us

Seeing beyond our cultural outfits - Welcoming Cultures (introduced by Terezia Rostas)

You, me and those who came before

Migration to Yorkshire and Humber timelines

Sketches of hope, stairways, trees and more: building new lives in Yorkshire and Humber

Feeding the Nation

Social connections in Yorkshire and Humber

Chile: 50 years of solidarity and resistance


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