Supporting newcomers

A person offering a supporting hand to someone in need

Alongside working with existing communities, local community groups, organisations and councils collaborate to ensure people new to the region, including those who have experienced forced migration following experiences of displacement, war or persecution can connect and do well.  Community and business support and engagement is appreciated and important in this. At Migration Yorkshire, we’re working with partners and communities to provide information on how people and organisations can support our newest neighbours and local communities.

As well as offering general information on this page, we'll also share specific requests for support and donations on our Twitter feed

How you can contribute locally


Other ways to help

Some notes on offering ‘helpful’ help

  • Due to capacity issues, some organisations can't respond very quickly to offers of help – a slow response is not a sign of how appreciated or needed your offer is. Please be patient and allow some time before sending follow up messages.
  • It’s vital that, if you plan to collect or donate anything that's not explicitly on a needs list, you contact the organisation or group that you plan to donate to in advance, to check they can make use of the donation and have space to store it.
  • As support, policy, funding and resources change, and as understanding of the needs of different individuals increases, it could be that advertised needs and processes change.
  • If you're in an area where there is no expressed need, please consider widening your search to offer support in other parts of the region.
  • To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, please donate material goods only to groups or organisations that outline a safe and confidential route of distribution. Groups operating in a safe way will have strong protections against sharing people’s information, identity, images and location as part of requesting or receiving donations; and they'll usually have transparent safeguarding and complaints policies.

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