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What is resettlement?

Resettlement in the UK is part of a global response to humanitarian crisis. It provides a pathway to safety for those who can no longer remain in their host countries.

How are people resettled in Yorkshire and Humber?

Migration Yorkshire, as the regional strategic migration partnership [SMP], works closely with the Home Office, and with the local authorities in Yorkshire and Humber, to coordinate and match people being resettled in the UK to appropriate accommodation and integration support in the region:

  • The Home Office conducts a range of checks before accepting cases for resettlement.
  • Migration Yorkshire works closely with our local authority partners to arrange accommodation and provide a range of integration and caseworker support designed around individual needs and circumstances.

The different resettlement schemes

Migration Yorkshire’s Resettlement Team currently manages and coordinates several resettlement schemes:


  • The UK Resettlement Scheme [UKRS] This scheme resettles those who have fled from regions of conflict and instability. The UNHCR [United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees] identifies those living in formal refugee camps, informal settlements and host communities who would benefit most from resettlement where there is no alternative durable solution. The scheme consolidates previous resettlement schemes [the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme; the Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement Scheme and the Gateway Protection Programme] into one global scheme. To see local statistics about refugee resettlement in Yorkshire and Humber, go to our data dashboard
  • The Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy [ARAP] This scheme, launched on 1 April 2021, provides relocation to the UK for any current or former Locally Employed Staff directly employed by the UK government and assessed to be at serious risk of threat to life. The scheme includes immediate family members of those eligible.
  •  The Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme [ACRS] This scheme provides protection for people at risk and identified as in need. It prioritises those people who have assisted the UK efforts in Afghanistan who face a particular risk from the Taliban, for example because of their stand for democracy and human rights, or because of their gender, sexuality or religion. The UK government has committed to welcome around 5,000 people in the first year and up to 20,000 over the coming years.
A group of people sitting at a table with the Duke of Cambridge
"You couldn't be more welcome in the UK"
The Duke of Cambridge's message to Afghan people on his recent visit to Leeds.

Extra support for children and families in this region

Migration Yorkshire commissions additional support to meet identified needs of resettled refugees. One example of this is our Children and Families Wellbeing Project, which addresses the mental health and wellbeing needs of refugee families who have been resettled in Yorkshire and Humber.

Contact for resettlement

For more information, please contact:

Dinah Beckett, Regional Asylum and Refugee Integration Manager