Yorkshire and Humber Migration Research Network

Are you interested in migration research?

Do you have a connection with Yorkshire and Humber?

Then this network is for you!

What does the network do?

We bring together people from across the region who have an interest in migration research, to help improve knowledge of the evidence base that exists in the region relating to migration. 

We're also working to improve links between academic migration research and practitioner work in the migration sector.

We currently:

  • Provide a platform for sharing information and good practice, networking and potential collaboration opportunities.
  • Host meetings and events to share research.
  • Support a network of postgraduate students who are researching migration topics.

We have members from higher education institutions across Yorkshire and Humber, as well as other interested parties. 

How do I find out more?

For more information about the network, contact Kate James: kate.james@migrationyorkshire.org.uk


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