Supporting Ukrainians

This page is about how you can support Ukrainian refugees.

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Housing and sponsorship

The UK Government has now launched the Homes for Ukraine Local Sponsorship Scheme. Register here if you are interested in sponsoring a person or family to live in your home for at least six months.

Reset UK are making matches between potential sponsors and those who wish to come to the UK on Reset UK's portal Other organisations that help with matching include:

We are aware that there are many Facebook [and other social media] matching sites. Some of them may be working to exploit vulnerable people, and encouraging people to share personal data. Although some positive matches will come from social media sites, we would advise against unregulated groups and recommend working with trusted groups and organisations instead.

Guides to housing and sponsorship

Reset UK have published the first of their toolkits for sponsors and those approaching the Homes for Ukraine programme.

VITA have recently launched their SafeREFUGE campaign. They have created a downloadable guide that has a range of resources for refugees, hosts, communities and professionals, to help provide a friendly, safe welcome to the UK. There is also an editable host welcome pack that may be especially useful. You can visit the SafeREFUGE website to find out more details.


Independent financial donations will help organisations to respond quickly and flexibly to the evolving crisis in Ukraine.

UK organisations asking for donations

The Disaster Emergency Committee [DEC] have launched a Ukraine humanitarian appeal where you can donate to support Ukrainian families. DEC charities and their local partners are in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries providing food, water, shelter and medical assistance.

The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain [AUGB] are running a GoFundMe page to support Ukrainian refugees, they accept monetary donations to fund food, hygiene and medical packs, and other everyday essentials with specifications set by UNICEF and the World Health Organisation [WHO]. There are many branches throughout the UK and you can find support in your local area.

International humanitarian organisations asking for donations


The Polish Embassy are requesting that people send funds to recognised organisations, but don't send material goods to the country. For further information, check the Humanitarian aid to Ukraine website []

Offering expertise and more

Settled has set up a new email advice route for EU citizens with settled / pre-settled status in the UK who have family members from Ukraine that they wish to bring here. It is Settled is registered at OISC Level 3 and they can answer emails in English, Ukrainian, Russian or any European language.

Ukraine Advice Project UK

A group of legal professionals with immigration / asylum background and expertise are providing free UK legal advice to Ukrainian citizens affected by the current crisis. Advice is available on The Ukraine Advice Project UK website has information in Ukrainian and Russian

For advice contact:

To volunteer as a pro bono legal advisor contact:  You must be qualified to provide immigration advice in the UK.

Other ways you can show support

Organisations, media and community groups are identifying many ways to support to those affected by the Ukrainian crisis. The BBC and Global Citizens, for example, have provided in depth guides to how you can show your support:

Looking for missing family in Ukraine

The Red Cross have information for people who have lost contact with family during the conflict

Hate crime

The actions of the Russian State do not reflect the wishes of ordinary Russian people.

If you or someone you know has experienced hate crime, please report it to the Hate Incident Reporting Centres [HIRC] have produced translated hate crime report forms in many languages including a hate crime report form in Russian

Learning resources

The society for intercultural education, training, and research [Sietar] are offering a free programme of cultural awareness training for those who may be assisting refugees and people seeking asylum from Ukraine in the UK. Please contact for further details.

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