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ARCHIVE PAGE - this project ended in early 2017

What was the project all about?

The idea behind our South Yorkshire Roma project was to bring together Roma communities and Roma support organisations to look at how best to tackle Roma exclusion in South Yorkshire.

What was unique about this project?

There have been lots of research and projects about new Roma communities in South Yorkshire during the past decade. We wanted to bring all of this knowledge and experience together in order to move forward together and improve the situation for migrant Roma and their local communities.

It was a challenge to bring together Roma, practitioner and host community viewpoints all at once - and to come up with some practical recommendations that take account of these different perspectives and reflect some of the challenges that exist in these local areas.

A further unique aspect of this project was the fact that it took place around the time of the EU referendum vote in June 2016. Most of our data was collected after the vote took place, and so we had the opportunity to capture some of the immediate impacts felt among Roma communities and how individuals responded differently to the result.

How did we go about it?

During 2016, a team from Migration Yorkshire and the University of Salford consulted over 150 individuals from local services and Roma communities from Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. We were really lucky to also work closely with three Roma community champions living in South Yorkshire who advised us and worked with us on the project. They were invaluable! Our champions participated in project events, recruited participants from different Roma communities, ran focus groups, and helped to disseminate the project findings.

What information did we find out?

We mapped and analysed existing service provision for Roma across South Yorkshire, identified the priorities of local service providers and Roma residents to direct future work, and we investigated Roma perspectives on their views and priorities in more detail. All of this activity is written up in our South Yorkshire Roma reports

What impact did the project have?

By bringing together Roma and staff from local services we hoped that services had the opportunity to better understand Roma views and priorities for their own lives that would influence their service design and delivery, and we wanted to encourage partnership working in the future. We hope the key messages and recommendations from this project will be considered in the future plans of local services and decision-makers, for the benefit of all local residents.

Who were the project funders and partners?

The South Yorkshire Roma project was funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Migration Yorkshire was the lead partner. We worked in partnership on the project with colleagues at the University of Salford and Sheffield City Council.

See also 

Roma integration in South Yorkshire: an update from Migration Yorkshire July 2016 - our interim report on the South Yorkshire Roma project.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Pip Tyler, the lead researcher on the project. Her contact details are at the top right of this web page.






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