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What is Roma MATRIX?

Roma MATRIX was a European project that aimed to combat racism, intolerance and xenophobia towards Roma and to increase integration, though a programme of action across Europe. 

Roma MATRIX was a partnership of 20 organisations in 10 EU member states which contain 85% of the European Union’s Roma populations.

The project ran for 2 years from April 2013 till March 2015. It was co-funded by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme.

What did the Roma MATRIX project do across Europe?

The overall European project focused on a number of key areas:

  • Fostering mutual understanding through cross-community mediation, work with Roma and non-Roma children, women community health mediators and employment programmes.
  • Countering stereotypes and raising awareness of racism through promoting positive images, public media campaigns, mentoring Roma in public authorities, and extensive networks.
  • Improving redress, reporting and support mechanisms for Roma experiencing racism and xenophobia through establishing reporting and care centres, and working with public authorities to improve redress mechanisms.
  • Understanding and analysing racism through research.

Who were the European partners?

Roma MATRIX was a cross-sector partnership: it included local and regional authorities, non-governmental organisations, private organisations and 2 universities. The partnership included Roma-led organisations and Roma staff working in other organisations to shape the direction of the work. Each organisation worked on different aspects of the project in their region.

The partners were:

Association National Network of Health Mediators
Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria
Regional Administration of Varna

Czech Republic
IQ Roma Service, Civic Association

Action Synergy SA

Former State Fostered Children's Association
Roma Civic Association
Wheel of Future Public Utility Foundation

Bologna Municipality
Emilia Romagna Region

Roma Cultural and Community Association

Roma Women Association in Romania

Society of Friends of Children from Children's Homes Smile as a Gift

Maranatha Federation of Gypsy Associations

United Kingdom
Glasgow City Council
Migration Yorkshire [Leeds City Council] – lead partner
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
Social Marketing Gateway Ltd
University of Salford
University of York

What about Yorkshire and Humber?

Migration Yorkshire coordinated the European project as the lead partner, and ran a regional project – Yorkshire and Humber Roma MATRIX.

Yorkshire and Humber Roma MATRIX worked with a range of partner organisations from different sectors, on:

  • Roma women’s health – community mediators, health conference
  • Roma mentoring programme with public authorities
  • Training for Roma about redress and reporting
  • Networking
  • Producing a range of useful resources: case studies, newsletters etc

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