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Our publications

Items are listed by date of publication, with the most recent at the top of the page.

 Roma MATRIX newsFront cover of Roma MATRIX newsletter

A newsletter introducing the work of the new Roma MATRIX project.

The first edition includes features on:

  • Understanding anti-Roma racism
  • Redress, reporting and support
  • Combating racism through inclusion
  • Roma – what is a positive image?

Available at: Roma MATRIX newsletters

Produced by Roma MATRIX.

 Introduction to migration - series of 9 new bookletspicture of a migration guide

A basic guide to migration in the UK, including lots of practical examples from organisations, and the stories of some people newly arrived in the UK.

This guide should be particularly useful if you work in public services or the voluntary sector and you're new to working on migration issues.

Available at: Introduction to Migration 

Produced by Integration up North.

Improving the health of Roma communities in the Yorkshire and Humber Region - a guide to good practice

This is a short guide to good practice for health services in the Yorkshire and Humber region and those elsewhere who are working to improve the health of Roma communities. We hope the guide will provide inspiration and guidance for people and projects working in this area. It also gives us an opportunity to celebrate some good initiatives which seem to be effective in improving the health of Roma people.

Improving the health of Roma communities in the Yorkshire and Humber Region  [155 KB - pdf format]

This guide has been produced by Migration Yorkshire as part of the Roma SOURCE project.

 Yorkshire and Humber Roma Practitioner Network Bulletin 

This bulletin is for practitioners working with Roma people in the Yorkshire and Humber region. It contains news as well as studies of individual projects or teams around the region, with contact details, descriptions of what they do and what they have learned about effective working.

The July 2012 issue includes:

  • New Welcome to Yorkshire Guide for Roma
  • Communities and Local Government minister’s fact-finding visit to Rotherham
  • Work with Roma Champions brings benefits
  • Forum for regional practitioners working with Roma discusses ‘Roma: integration or exclusion?’
  • Working with Roma, sharing practice: Pakistan Advice and Community Association [PACA] and Halifax Central Initiative

July 2012 - Yorkshire and Humber Roma Practitioner Network Bulletin  [149 KB - Word format]

May 2012 - Yorkshire and Humber Roma Practitioner Network Bulletin  [142 KB - Word format]

Welcome to Yorkshire booklet

A pocket-sized guide to life in the UK aimed at Roma migrants and other similar groups. The booklet provides brief advice on issues such as rights and democracy, driving, health, who to contact in an emergency and getting to know your local community. The booklet has been produced by Migration Yorkshire as part of the Roma SOURCE project.

The booklet is available in English, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish. There is also a multi-language A3 publicity poster for organisations that want to advertise the new booklet to clients or other local groups or individuals.

Use the links below to download digital copies.

Czech - Welcome to Yorkshire booklet [2.5 MB - pdf format]

English - Welcome to Yorkshire booklet [2.5 MB - pdf format]

Hungarian - Welcome to Yorkshire booklet [2.5 MB - pdf format]

Polish - Welcome to Yorkshire booklet [2.5 MB - pdf format]

Slovak - Welcome to Yorkshire booklet [2.5 MB - pdf format]

Multi-language A3 poster advertising the Welcome to Yorkshire booklet [1 MB - pdf format]

picture of front cover of 'Who are migrants?' documentWho are migrants? Easy to use guide  [June 2012]

A guide to different ‘types’ of migrants in the UK, with a diagram and definitions. These definitions are used by Migration Yorkshire and our partners. Available from the Who are migrants? page of this website.

Migration Yorkshire bulletin

Migration Yorkshire bulletin - Autumn 2011  [151 KB - pdf]
Migration Yorkshire bulletin - Summer 2011  [139 KB - pdf]
Partnership bulletin - Spring 2011
  [140 KB - pdf]
Partnership bulletin - Winter 2010
  [143 KB - pdf]
Partnership bulletin - Autumn 2010
  [142 KB - pdf]
Partnership bulletin - Summer 2010 
[182 KB - pdf]
Partnership bulletin - Spring 2010  [166 KB - pdf] 

Migration Impacts Fund in Yorkshire and Humber: end of projects report [November 2010]

This report brings together some of the good practice and lessons learned in Yorkshire and Humber during the 18 month funding period of the Migration Impacts Fund [MIF] from April 2009 to September 2010. The report aims to identify and record many of the innovative local approaches that were taken to make best use of this resource. It looks at how different local areas responded to the challenge to mitigate impact on host communities and looks forward to how some of this work will be embedded in mainstream delivery.

Migration Impacts Fund in Yorkshire and Humber: end of projects report [November 2010]  [191 KB - pdf]

MIF Yorkshire and Humber: report on year 1 [March 2010]

Covering report on Migration Impacts Fund projects in the region 2009-2010, produced by Migration Yorkshire for the Department for Communities and Local Government. The report includes a regional overview, highlights achievements, and identifies new and emerging trends for 2010-2011. You can download this from the Progress report - year 1 section of our MIF network archive page.

'Finding Sanctuary, Enriching Yorkshire and Humber' - the regional integration strategy for refugees and asylum seekers 2009-2011Image of the front cover of the refugee integration strategy.

Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migration Partnership - June 2009

The aim of the strategy was the integration of refugees and asylum seekers into the Yorkshire and Humber region and its local communities. The strategy set out a vision for integration and key objectives. It also identified regional priorities for action under six areas of integration:

  • housing
  • health
  • work and skills
  • safety
  • community and society
  • children and young people

Available on the refugee integration strategy page, along with the action plan for implementing the strategy and a copy of asylum seeker and refugee consultation responses.

Framework for Action on Employment and Skills for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Yorkshire and the Humber

Regional Skills Partnership - December 2008

Outline The framework was developed by the Regional Skills Partnership with the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migration Partnership [now 'Migration Yorkshire']. It recognises a need to maximise the skills base of this population for the benefit of the regional economy. The Framework is intended to help address the obstacles that prevent refugees from fully engaging in employment and learning opportunities. Tackling those obstacles is now widely recognised as the key to minimising problems and to unlocking refugees’ full potential to become productive members of society.

Click to download report: SkillsFrameworkForAction-Final_Dec08.pdf  [422 KB]

Refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Yorkshire and Humber, 1999-2008Image of front cover of the Yorkshire Futures report.

Lewis, H; Craig, G; Adamson, S and  Wilkinson, M - December 2008

This literature review, undertaken by the Centre for Research in Social Inclusion and Social Justice at the University of Hull, synthesises the regional research on refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to highlight key themes and identify research gaps. Commissioned by Yorkshire Futures with assistance from the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migration Partnership [now 'Migration Yorkshire'].

Click to download report:
YF-refugeesasylumseekersmigrantsreport1999-2008.pdf  [6 MB]

Click to download summary:
  [135 KB]

Integration? The perceptions and experiences of refugees in Yorkshire and the Humber 

Dwyer, P - Nottingham Trent University - November 2008

Abstract  Using data generated in three focus groups with refugees resident in the Yorkshire and Humber region, this report explores refugees’ perceptions and experiences of integration. Initially, refugees’ understandings of integration are explored. Discussions then consider three potentially important areas of integration, that is, refugees’ interactions with their neighbours, activity in the paid labour market and contact with formal welfare agencies. In spite of the barriers that many of them routinely face, the refugees’ interviewed clearly value the opportunity to rebuild their lives in a new location free from persecution.

Click to download report: YH_RefugeeFocusGroups_Nov08.pdf  [338 KB]

Status and category matter: refugee types, entitlements and integration support

Brown, D - Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migration Partnership - January 2008

Outline This report identifies 43 'types' of refugee, possessing a combination of nine different statuses and eleven categories. The statuses determine the entitlements of a refugee and the category affects the integration support that they could receive. There are detailed findings illustrating the complexity of the UK system, alongside a series of tables, which can be used as a simpler reference guide.

Click to download colour version of this report: YHRMP_status&category_jan08v2.pdf  [355 KB]

Click to download black and white version: YHRMP_status&category_v2_b&w.pdf  [356 KB] - this version gives you a clearer result if you print  the report in black and white.

Employment and skills research into asylum seekers and refugees in Yorkshire and the Humber: a review of existing data and recommendations

Brown, D - Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migration Partnership - October 2007

Main finding  Despite some previous research, there are still big gaps in evidence about the employment and skills of refugees.
Main recommendation  A comprehensive skills audit of refugees should be undertaken in Yorkshire and the Humber, funded by key regional organisations. This audit should:

  • be representative of refugees in the region
  • be closely connected to other research
  • feed directly into relevant strategies and policies
  • inform future projects

 Click to download report: YHRMP_emp&skills_review_oct07.pdf  [144 KB]

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