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Integration up North

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What is Integration up North?

‘Integration up North’ is a project to provide free training and guidance on migration for local authorities and others across the North of England. The project started in August 2011 and is for 3 years. It’s funded by a grant from the European Integration Fund.

Project news

  • Migration, community safety and policing training: a full day workshop. Wednesday 7 May 2014 [9.30am – 4.30pm, Sheffield.
  • Introduction to migration  We have just published our series of 9 Introduction to Migration booklets. These provide a basic guide to migration, covering issues such as key terms, rights and entitlements. They should be useful to people working with migrants in public services or the voluntary sector. 

What is Migration Yorkshire's role in Integration up North?

Migration Yorkshire is the lead partner in the Integration up North project. We are working in partnership with the North West strategic migration partnership.

What does the Integration up North project do?

The aim of the project is to improve the integration of newly-arrived third country nationals - migrants from outside the EU who arrived in the UK during the last ten years [but are not asylum seekers or refugees]. We are doing this by providing training and written guidance for local authorities and other key partners across the North of England.

We’ll be providing free training, delivered by experts and third country nationals, and comprehensive, easy to use written guidance relevant to Yorkshire and Humber and the North West.

We have also identified local ‘migration champions’ in statutory services across the region. We're supporting the migration champions to improve their own knowledge of working with migrants, and that of their organisation.

We produce local migration profiles [LMPs] – documents describing the main migration trends and data available for particular areas of Yorkshire and Humber. You can download summaries of recent local migration profiles from the statistics pages. The profiles are based on information in our regional migration databank.

We provide a searchable online database of summaries of research about migrants who have arrived in Yorkshire and Humber since 1999.

Key priorities for this year

In this second year of the project, we are:

  • Working with local authorities and other statutory partners to develop and deliver tailored training workshops about migration within their organisations.
  • Sharing our draft written guidance materials with our migration champions and staff in their organisations, and asking for feedback on how to improve it to best meet their needs.
  • Providing some thematic, regional training workshops on migration issues that are common to many areas.
  • Training more third country nationals as volunteers to help us run our training sessions, and using their experiences to help us understand new arrivals.

Your contact for more information

Bill Dennis - Integration and Partnerships Manager
Migration Yorkshire
Phone: 0113 395 2438 or 07712 214128

See also

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Integration and Partnerships Manager

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