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Refugee Integration Yorkshire and Humber

What is it?

Refugee Integration Yorkshire and Humber [RIYH] is a new project to support new refugees, communities and public services to work with and benefit from each other.

What will we be doing?

The region will benefit from:

  • Individual support services for new refugees in areas that can't currently offer such support. A new three-month programme will help new refugees learn how to access services and integrate with their communities. We aim for this to be operational by April 2019.
  • A joined-up approach between refugee services across the whole region.
  • Unique research into refugee integration, involving refugees, key organisations, employers and the public.
  • A regional plan for refugee integration shaped by refugees, communities and key organisations.
  • The creation of new opportunities for organisations, employers, local communities and refugees, including: training on working with refugees, open to employers and public services staff; mentoring; and a new information service.

In a nutshell, our ambition is to create a more integrated Yorkshire and Humber and to benefit communities beyond the lifetime of the project.

Refugees will have a key role, informing all aspects of the project. They will be involved as researchers and trainers, and as members of the integration forum and the workplace mentoring programme.

Who are the project partners?

Migration Yorkshire is lead partner, working in partnership with six other organisations:

  • The University of Salford will work with Migration Yorkshire and refugee researchers to carry out the research into refugee integration.

Who funds RIYH?

RIYH is co-funded by the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

RIYH will run for 2 years.

More information

Phone: 0113 378 8188

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