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Arriving in Yorkshire and Humber as a Hong Kong British National [Overseas]

Introductory information to help you settle in the UK and get to know Yorkshire.


In April 2021, the UK government announced a national welcome and integration package for Hong Kong British National [Overseas] status holders  Migration Yorkshire is coordinating the welcome programme for new arrivals settling in Yorkshire and Humber, including this web page to provide access to useful resources and link people with services.

Latest news! New regional VCSE funding for is available from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government [MHCLG] for developing local projects supporting integration of Hong Kong BN[O] status holders and their families. Application deadline is 1 September 2021. For full information please see the MHCLG funding news page.

What is a BN[O] visa?

A British National [Overseas] visa, known as BN[O] visa, enables the holder to live, work and study in the UK. You can choose to stay for either 2 years and 6 months or 5 years initially, and later apply to settle in the UK permanently, including applying for British citizenship, if you wish to.

How can I apply for a BN[O] visa?

If you are from Hong Kong and hold BN[O] status, you can apply for a BN[O] visa from the UK, if you haven’t already.

If you are currently in the UK on a different UK visa, you can apply to switch to a BNO visa, if you meet the criteria.

Your family members can also apply for a BN[O] visa if they’re eligible, but they must usually apply at the same time as you.

How can I access services in the UK?

An online welcome guide for BN[O] status holders, published by the UK government and available in English and Cantonese, contains information about:

  • accessing public services, such as registering with a GP and applying for a National Insurance Number
  • understanding life in the UK – how to rent or buy a house, set up a business or apply for a school place for your children

In May 2021, the Secretary of State issued a letter to landlord and letting agent representative organisations which provides further information regarding the legal status of Hong Kong BN[O] status holders, which may help when renting a property.

Other sources of information

  • Resources on employment, housing and health from london.gov.uk

  • Hongkongers in Britain is a civil society organisation established in 2020. It's an expat diaspora and community-building group, whose objectives are to provide assistance, advice and support for the Hongkonger community, enabling them to settle, integrate, and contribute towards the UK society.

Website: www.hongkongers.org.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HongkongersUK
Email: hongkongersinbritain@protonmail.com

How can I access services in Yorkshire and Humber?

You might be able to access employability support through Connecting Opportunities, depending on where you're living in the region. 

If you'd like to find English classes near you, visit the Learning English website [there might be a fee for some classes].

Getting to know Yorkshire

To find out about places worth visiting and current events in Yorkshire, visit the Welcome to Yorkshire website

More information

You're welcome to contact Ewa Jamróz, who works at Migration Yorkshire and is leading on the Hong Kong Welcome Programme in our region.

Email: ewa.jamroz@migrationyorkshire.org.uk

Phone: 0113 378 9017


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