Migration news roundup 8 January 2024

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Stories that inspired us this week

Read about how for the first time since 2010, a small number of Rohingya refugees have been able to be resettled from camps in Bangladesh and the freedoms this has given to those individuals. (Source: the Guardian)

Sheffield residents, check out ‘At The End Café’ - a new outlet serving traditional Ukrainian food. (Source: MSN/Sheffield Star)

International news

This article explores the story behind a plane stopped in France carrying over 300 Indian citizens hoping to enter the US via Nicaragua. It describes the politics behind why migrants travel to this specific transit country and how the US government is responding. (Source: the Guardian)

A photo series paints a picture of the situation facing Afghan refugees on its border, returning to their country. (Source: Al Jazeera)

Reviews of migration in the EU during 2023 confirm the central Mediterranean (Tunisia to Italy) was the primary arrival route for 2023 and discuss 2024: the push to create more agreements with non-EU countries to prevent migration or process asylum claimants, new EU detention plans and forthcoming European parliamentary elections. (Sources: Al Jazeera, InfoMigrants)

UK borders and migration policy

National policy news has been dominated with disagreement over asylum decision making data. Government stated the older, pre-28 June 2022 backlog had been cleared which drew much criticism, with some civil servants accusing the Home Office of gaslighting the public. This led to the Office for Statistics Regulation confirming they would look into it. This legal blog published a useful analysis of the situation. (Sources: BBC, Yorkshire Post, inews, Free Movement)

Specific migrant groups

International students now cannot bring family with them to the UK, as latest government policy to reduce net migration has come into force. There’s an exception for those on postgraduate research courses or with government scholarships. (Source: Sky)

The Home Office published then withdrew impact assessments for asylum accommodation sites RAF Weathersfield, RAF Scampton and the Bibby Stockholm, describing them as ‘published in error’. Media coverage included that the Bibby Stockholm report found housing asylum seekers onboard was discriminatory on the grounds of age and sex, and potential for tensions between Muslim groups was identified in the RAF Scampton report. (Sources: Home Office, BBC, Lincolnshire Live)

A fundraising initiative to repatriate the body of Leonard Farruku to his family following his death on the Bibby Stockholm, has raised over £18,000. (Source: Gofundme)

Concerns have been raised about sophisticated visa scams aimed at Ukrainians planning to come to the UK under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, with charities calling for more awareness of the issues it causes. (Source: Independent)

A leader from the former democratic opposition in Hong Kong described Home Office decision makers as rejecting asylum claims from Hong Kongers for ‘absurd’ reasons, revealing a lack of understanding of the danger they face. (Source: the Guardian)

Cohesion and integration

This article reflects on what Britain can learn from the successful integration of Ugandan Asian refugees fifty years ago, highlighting the importance of a warm welcome, community networks and language skills. (Source: Financial Times)

Here’s an insightful article about how dating someone with a different mother tongue can enrich a relationship. (Source: The Conversation)

In Wethersfield, local residents had mixed responses to several asylum seekers from the airbase who ventured into a local social club. (Source: the Guardian)

Four stories of refugees in the UK were shared for the New Year, including Ukrainian student Bohdana who now lives in York. They were supported through an EU-funded integration project. (Source: International Rescue Committee)

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