Migration news roundup 29 January 2024

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Stories that inspired us this week

Councillor Roza Salih is now a columnist for a Scottish newspaper. Originally from Iraqi Kurdistan, you might remember she first came to public attention as a ‘Glasgow Girl’, campaigning for her school friend facing deportation. (Source: the Herald)

A group of Ukrainians in Caerphilly are planting a ‘Gratitude Orchard’. (Source: Nation Cymru)

International news

There have been some key developments across Europe: 

Elsewhere, the UNHCR warns about the very high number of Rohingya who have died at sea in search of safer places to live. (Source: Al Jazeera) 

This study considers ‘compassion fatigue’ by exploring three recent examples of forced migration, including Ukrainians seeking sanctuary in Europe. (Source: Migration Policy Institute)

UK borders and migration policy

Following a House of Lords Committee recommendation last week, peers have voted in favour of a non-binding motion asking for the new treaty with Rwanda to be delayed until the promised measures to ensure Rwanda’s safety are in place. However, the government has decided against holding a parliamentary debate over the treaty and will proceed with plans to ratify it on 31 January. The House of Lords will have the opportunity to debate the Safety of Rwanda Bill at its second reading next week. (Sources: UK Parliament, BBC, Sky News) 

The government is reportedly planning a consultation on a ‘British homes for British workers’ policy which would prioritise UK citizens for social housing. (Source: the Guardian) 

A new report says that councils spent over £77m supporting people with no recourse to public funds - a 22% increase on the previous year. A Yorkshire and Humber specific report is also available. (Source: NRPF Network)

Specific migrant groups

This article about a man from Yemen who is seeking asylum here sheds light on the complexities of asylum claims. (Source: Independent) 

On EU nationals, the Independent Monitoring Authority (IMA) has published regional reports on the support provided by local authorities to EU children in care who are eligible to apply to the EUSS. In Yorkshire and Humber, issues raised in most local authorities include a lack of documented processes and written operational guidelines. Furthermore, the IMA issued a statement raising concerns about the Home Office’s implementation of a High Court judgment on pre-settled status expiry. It highlighted that a two-year extension for pre-settled status does not address the court’s ruling, and that there is a lack of clarity regarding automatic acquisition of permanent residence rights. (Source: IMA) 

A new report highlights that at least 1,300 children were incorrectly classified as adults by the Home Office during an 18-month period. Many of these young people were placed in adult asylum hotels and 14 children spent time in adult prisons, sharing cells with adult males. (Source: Refugee Council)  

Following a High Court hearing, the government has now amended its guidance which from January last year had resulted in modern slavery victims with criminal convictions being excluded from support through the National Referral Mechanism. Also on modern slavery, this article highlights the ongoing concerns about exploitation of migrant workers in the social care sector. Finally, a new report calls for a better response to trafficking in humanitarian settings. (Sources: the Guardian, Justice and Care)

Cohesion and integration

ITV’s Dr Amir Khan talks about being proud of his British Pakistani heritage, but also his experiences of racism growing up, and even now. (Source: Bradford Telegraph and Argus)  

The regional organiser of the far right group ‘Patriotic Alternative’ from Pudsey in Leeds, has been found guilty of ‘stirring up racial hatred.’ He is awaiting sentencing. (Source: Yorkshire Evening Post)  

Author Fiona Williams reflects on ideas of ‘belonging’ as a black woman in a predominantly white space, lack of access to everyday things such as afro hairdressers and plantain in shops, and asserting her right to ‘be at home’ wherever she is. (Source: the Guardian)  

A new Bollywood film explores the theme of precarious Indian migration to the UK on ‘donkey routes’ and also makes reference to colonial-era forced migration and displacement of populations under British rule. (Source: The Conversation)  

The Hindu ‘Holi’ festival will be celebrated again in Leeds this spring, with tickets now on sale and organisers aiming to ‘bridge the gap between different cultures, radiate love and positivity through music, colours, and delectable cuisine.’ (Source: Yorkshire Evening Post) 

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29th January 2024

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