National Transfer Scheme (NTS)

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Policy and Guidance 

  • The Department of Education (DfE) provides guidance for local authorities to accompany the NTS protocol on suitable placements for an accompanied asylum-seeking child. (recent version released April 2018) 

  • Home Office provides the new NTS protocol, which includes frequently asked questions. (recent version released August 2023) 

  • CORAM Children’s Legal Centre provides guidance on legal aid for unaccompanied and separated children in immigration and nationality cases. This form of legal aid will also cover children in the care system who might be struggling to get through the EU Settlement Scheme because of the complexity of their situation. (recent version released October 2019) 


You can find different resources on the National Transfer Scheme here 


We offer a range of training where we discuss asylum processes, including the National Transfer Scheme.  

Contact for UASC hub

Your contact for Yorkshire and Humber is:

Delphine Jacobs - UASC Regional Coordinator