Migration Impacts Fund in Yorkshire and Humber

ARCHIVE PAGE - the Migration Impacts Fund has ended

What was the Migration Impacts Fund ?

The Migration Impacts Fund [MIF] was a national fund to manage the short term impacts of migration on local communities. In part, the fund was created by certain migrants paying an additional contribution to that which they already make through taxes, to support the communities in which they live.

The Yorkshire and Humber region was allocated nearly £3M over the financial year 2009-2010, and a further £1.5M for the period April to September 2010.

How was the fund allocated?

All applications to the fund in this region were considered by an appraisal panel drawn from policy leads from Government Office and other partners, including Migration Yorkshire. This panel considered packages of bids from Local Strategic Partnerships, and some regional partners, and made recommendations on levels of funding to Ministers, who had the final decision.

What was the money used for?

Funding in Yorkshire and Humber was focused on projects which identified innovative solutions to migration-related pressures - where possible involving and benefiting a number of local services.

The projects being supported all had to demonstrate how they brought benefits to the settled as well as the migrant community in an area. For example, getting migrants to register with GPs will stop the current overuse of Accident and Emergency services for relatively minor illnesses. This results in better health for migrants and shorter waiting times for all users of Accident and Emergency. 

Which projects received funding?

MIF funded projects in Yorkshire and Humber on subjects such as volunteering and citizenship; English language; private sector housing issues; employment; education; information and advice; health and GP registration; interpretation; and community safety.

There were MIF funded projects all around the region:

  • Local Strategic Partnership led projects in Barnsley, Bradford, Calderdale, Doncaster, East Riding, Hull, Kirklees, Leeds, North Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, Rotherham, Sheffield, and Wakefield.
  • Two regional projects: one run by the Police [dealing with translation services] and one by the Northern Refugee Centre [dealing with information and advice services].

What was the role of Migration Yorkshire?

Migration Yorkshire was funded by Government to coordinate and support the delivery of MIF throughout Yorkshire and Humber.

We set up a MIF network, which brought together local MIF projects to share knowledge, experience and successes, and organised specialist workshops on issues identified by the projects.

We produced a regional MIF bulletin, which updated the MIF network on important developments, and helped to share best practice.

Our Migration Impacts Fund in Yorkshire and Humber: end of projects report brings together some of the good practice and lessons learned in Yorkshire and Humber during the 18 month MIF funding period. In the report, we aim to identify and record many of the innovative local approaches that were taken to make best use of this funding. We also look at how different local areas responded to the challenge to mitigate impact on host communities, and look forward to how some of this work will be embedded in mainstream delivery.

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