A river runs between our streets - the Yorkshire Integration Film Festival 2023

A river runs between our streets


In December 2023, we partnered with Pavilion and Hyde Park Picture House to bring you the Yorkshire Integration Film Festival 2023.

Across five decades and four continents, A River Runs Between Our Streets was a weekend of screenings bringing together work by 22 international artists, filmmakers and collectives in a dialogue of the complexities, realities and poetics of migration.

The Underground Orchestra

Friday, 1 December 2023

Rarely screened in the UK, The Underground Orchestra is a documentary portrait of a disparate collection of international musicians from Bosnia, Romania, Argentina, Armenia, Algeria, Venezuela, Zaire, Mali and Vietnam. United by their experiences of exile and political repression, they make their way by playing music on the streets of Paris and in the metro. 

With the intense curiosity that characterised all of her work, Honigmann follows them through the city’s underground and immigrant quarters, listening to their music, and to the often harrowing stories that brought them there.

Pieter van Huystee, the producer of The Underground Orchestra and many of Honigmann’s other documentaries, will join us remotely for a Q&A session after the film.

A River Runs Between Our Streets # 1

Saturday 2 December, 1.30pm

Labour migration, Brexit, naturalisation, intercontinental family binds and the relationship between urban gentrification and migration, were some of the issues touched on in Saturday’s collection of short films by Krsto Papić, Maria Anastassiou, Alex Rivera, Bruce Baillie, Collectif Faire-part, Black Audio Film Collective and Fairuz Ghammam.

Artists Maria Anastassiou (in person), and Fairuz Ghammam (online) joined us to discuss their work.

A River Runs Between Our Streets # 2

Sunday 3 December, 1.30pm

Sunday’s films spoke to the mental violence of displacement, language barriers, border crossings, and asylum-seeking, providing intimate viewpoints on the lives of those it touches the most. Featuring work by Imran Peretta, Sylvain George, Mieriën Coppens & Elie Maissin, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Robert Fenz, Mati Diop, Rehana Zaman, El Moïz Ghammam & Fairuz Ghammam, Warda Mohamed, Sophio Medoidze and John Greyson.

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