International research about volunteering

This resource list identifies research studies about volunteering outside the UK involving people with a forced migration background. Where the country of origin is unclear from the title we have added it in brackets.

  • Colombian former refugees as volunteers: reframing patron-client relations and exchange practices
  • The anti-racist potential of care – political dimensions of women’s engagement in voluntary refugee support work in Germany
  • Volunteering With Refugees: Neoliberalism, Hegemony, and (Senior) Citizenship (USA)
  • Immigrant Integration Through Volunteering: The Importance of Contextual Factors (Germany)
  • A feminist anti-racist grassroots organization in northern Ontario: a case study of doing the undoable somewhat well
  • Committing to refugee resettlement volunteering: Attaching, detaching and displacing organizational ties
  • Connecting, belonging: Volunteering, wellbeing and leadership among refugee youth (New Zealand)
  • Contracted volunteers and expectations – an exploratory study of volunteer job satisfaction in a not for profit organization.
  • Why Do First and Second-Generation Young Migrants Volunteer? The Migrant Volunteerism Motivation Model (MVMM) (Italy)
  • A gift for our peace of mind: volunteering with immigrants through the lens of autoethnography
  • Escaping the position as ‘other’: a postcolonial perspective on refugees’ trajectories into volunteering in Danish sports clubs
  • The Worth of Their Work: The (In)visible Value of Refugee Volunteers in the Transnational Humanitarian Aid Sector (Jordan)
  • Inequality in Volunteering: Building a New Research Front
  • Volunteering to Support Refugees: A Question of One’s Scope of Justice
  • Making Volunteering with Refugees Governable: The Contested Role of ‘Civil Society’ in the German Welcome Culture
  • The Role of Volunteers in German Refugee Crisis and their Contribution to the Local Government Expenditure
  • Refugee resettlement volunteers as (inter)cultural mediators?

Most of the research papers listed are free to access through online searching. If you have trouble accessing any of the resources, please contact and we can try to assist.

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