Yorkshire and Humber Hong Kong Advisory Panel Terms of Reference 

Hong Kong


The Yorkshire and Humber Hong Kong Advisory Panel (Y&H HKAP) provides non-binding strategic advice and understanding of the lived experience of individuals arriving in Yorkshire and Humber communities, via the British National Oversees visa route. This advice will be provided to local and regional government, and other stakeholders involved in the delivery of the Hong Kong (HK) Welcome Programme. 


  • To offer lived experience insights to strengthen the planning and focus of the HK Welcome Programme in Y&H, including what projects and events we run and how we run them; which partners we work with and; how we spend the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) regional grant 

  • To raise awareness with local and regional government organisations, Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations, other key stakeholders, and members of the public to:

    • Demonstrate the need for BNO visa route 

    • Highlight the experiences of individuals arriving via this route  

    • Increase the level of understanding of how the visa route works and,  

    • Promote examples of good practice that have enabled Hongkongers to successfully integrate and become part of their local communities  

  • To represent the views and concerns of new arrivals from Hong Kong  

  • To advise and consult with key agencies involved in designing and delivery of the HK Welcome Programme (i.e. DLUHC, Home Office, Local Authorities and VSCEs)  

  • To engage with the media and seek to promote stories highlighting the positive impact of the BNO visa route and the contribution Hongkongers make to Y&H and the wider UK society 

  • To raise a profile of and promote the integration activities being part of the HK Welcome Programme within the community 


There are a wide range of opportunities for HKAP members, these include: 

  • Participating in meetings and events relating to the HK Welcome Programme 

  • Public speaking and awareness raising, sharing personal testimonies as a newly arrived person from HK 

  • Organising thematic workshops by contributing to content of Migration Yorkshire’s HK Drop-in session and HK information session for the VCSEs 

  • Engaging with consultations with external stakeholders and researchers in the migration field 

  • Assisting service providers and commissioners involved in the HK Welcome Programme, such as local authorities and Migration Yorkshire, with gathering service user feedback on delivery models.  

  • Assisting the group in creating, and abiding by, a HKAP’s Code of Conduct. 

Where possible, the HKAP will request follow up and feedback, following engagement with external consultations. 



  • The Y&H HKAP has a regional focus but the remit of the group extends to engaging at national and international platforms. 

  • The HKAP is made up of a maximum of 20 members representing diversity of BNO visa holders in the region. The HKAP aims to include individuals of different genders, ages, faiths, residency statuses, abilities of communicating in English and having disabilities or being carers.  

  • Each member has a 1-year term on the HKAP before they either voluntarily step down or are voted back in by the HKAP for a further 1 year. Members will have the option to step down early, if they wish to not continue with the group.  

  • When there is a vacancy, the existing HKAP members will receive recommendations on potential new members and then collectively decide on who can join based on the representation needs at the time. 

  • The expectation is that HKAP members should regularly engage in line with their membership agreement, and to update the MY staff about their availability as and when appropriate. 

  • Migration Yorkshire are committed to supporting the HKAP – there will be a staff member whose remit will be to engage with and promote the HKAP and will offer administration and technical support. 

  • Members will vote on existing Terms of Reference and review them on a yearly basis. 

  • Members will nominate and elect a Co-Chair who will be assisting Migration Yorkshire in supporting HKAP. The Co-Chair rota will be on a yearly basis. 

  • Members will be supported if they wish to contribute anonymously.  


Governance and meeting arrangements 

  • The HKAP aims to meet every 2 months either on Zoom (or other video conferencing app) or face-to-face – to be decided by the group. Migration Yorkshire will assist with organising dates for the meetings 

  • To attend induction and relevant training sessions 

  • A Meeting Chair will be decided for each meeting. Their role will be to help in preparing and sending out agenda and notes to other members. Notes will be recorded from each meeting and Migration Yorkshire will assist with this. 

  • Costs in relation to meetings (room hire, lunch, refreshments, travel expenses, childcare, data and other individual access support when needed) for HKAP members will be covered. 

  • Time commitment required for the role is expected to be between 2 and 4 hours a month. 


Potential benefits to members 

  • Opportunity to apply own expertise gained through lived experience to benefit the direction of the HK Welcome Programme, and the direction of the group 

  • Gain understanding of the role of the local and national government in the UK, and how the wider UK’s public and voluntary sector systems work 

  • Develop links with, and access networking opportunities through, organisations supporting new arrivals from HK at a regional and national level 

  • Access to relevant training, references, and certificate of contribution  

  • Get reimbursement for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate (DBS will not be a requirement to join the group) 

  • Using existing, and developing new skills in teamwork and collaboration 

  • Regular updates about local and regional jobs, training and volunteering opportunities and events 

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