Donating smartphones or IT equipment

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Solidaritech are asking for donations of tech including smartphones, tablets and laptops, that they can wipe and pass on to asylum seekers and refugees to support health, safety and connection.

Solidaritech is a Community Interest Company reliant on donations from both individuals and companies of all sizes.

They run entirely on donated technology, and without donations they are unable to provide technology to service users throughout Yorkshire and Humber. Since they started just over three years ago, they have donated more than five hundred items of technology to refugees and asylum seekers.

Find out more about what Solidaritech do by watching the video below:

For general donations, more details can be found at How to donate - Solidaritech

Further details about equipment and services for the Refugee Integration Service can be found at Refugee Integration Service - Solidaritech

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For more information, please contact us at:

Contact Solidaritech

For more information, please contact Solidaritech at: