Regional Refugee Integration Forum

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The regional Refugee Integration Forum is a strategic forum promoting refugee integration throughout Yorkshire and Humber.

Over 40 leaders and key stakeholders from a wide range of sectors across the region were invited to become Forum members. These include representatives of Local Authorities, the Voluntary and Community Sector, the Home Office, Employment, Education, Housing, the Police, Health and Wellbeing, Arts and Culture, Sport and Leisure and those with lived experience as refugees. You can find out more about our current membership here.

The Forum met for the first time in March 2022 and is meeting quarterly. The aim of the Forum is to bring the new regional Refugee Integration Strategy and action plan to life, by:

  • To help develop a whole society approach to refugee integration in Yorkshire and Humber
  • To ensure refugee voices are heard and reflected in the work of the Forum
  • To raise awareness of current key issues relating to refugee integration
  • To raise the profile of refugee integration across the region, and nationally
  • To promote the Regional Refugee Integration Strategy and implement the Forum Action Plan


The co-chairs of the Forum are:

Secretariat support to the Forum is being provided by Migration Yorkshire. If you'd like to learn more about the Forum Action Plan, you can download a PDF copy for yourself at the link below:

Meet the Forum

Each quarter we will introduce you to some of our Forum members. Click on the links below to watch a 2-minute video on Vimeo to 'meet the Forum'. (To watch with subtitles, click the CC button to the right of the play bar):

Refugee integration news

Each quarter we’ll round up some key news stories and reports related to refugee integration. If you’d like more regular updates on refugee integration and other areas of migration, check out our weekly policy bulletin.