Local Services in Yorkshire and Humber

Social activities, peer support and volunteering opportunities
Download our activity calendar to find out about in-person and online activities and events for Hongkongers across the Yorkshire and Humber region:

May 2024

Social activities and peer support  

These are the organisations funded by the government under the Hong Kong Welcome Programme to provide local support in Yorkshire and Humber region in 2023/2024: 


cafe connect


FaithAction is a faith-based community organisation running ‘Café Connect’ hubs to welcome Hongkongers with a space to practice English (informally), learn about local facilities and services, and meet local people.

There are three physical Café Connect hubs in Yorkshire and Humber region: 

Sheffield (resumes on Monday 18th September) Mondays 10am -12pm at Hope Community Foundation, Bernard Road, Sheffield, S2 5BQ

Contact: 0114 213 2070

Leeds (resumes on Thursday 14th September) – Thursdays 10am – 12pm at St Barnabas Church, The View, Alwoodley, Leeds LS17 7NA 

Contact: 0113 265 4926 or admin@stbarnabasalwoodley.org.uk 

Harrogate (resumes on Friday 8th September) – Fridays 10:30am – 12:30pm at the Brostoff Hall, St. Peter's Church, HG1 1PB

Contact: stpeterschurchhgtoffice@gmail.com

Online classes are also available:

Practise conversational English for talking to doctors, teachers, landlords, and neighbours –Fridays, 10:00am - 11:00am on Zoom

Conversations and activities on UK history and culture – Fridays, 11:15am - 12:00pm on Zoom


strings of life 3

Strings of life

Its SOL START Community Project aims to help BN(O)s settle into their new life in the UK with happiness, prosperity, and a sense of belongings. 

Contactstringsoflife@hotmail.co.uk / Facebook


Leeds Umbrella CIC

Leeds Umbrella CIC

“LEEDS” Initiative

Contactleedsumbrellacic@gmail.com / www.leedsumbrellacic.co.uk / Facebook


PATH Yorkshire

The ‘Path to Work’ project will support BNO from Hong Kong to apply for jobs and improve their English skills for work.



Some national organisations, funded by the government under the Hong Kong Welcome Programme, are also running activities in our region: 


Hongkongers in Britain (Yorkshire and Humber) 

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) run local activities and social events across the UK. They have a dedicated outreach coordinator for Yorkshire and Humber.  

Contact: lai.ming.hui@hongkongers.org.uk  

Language: Cantonese and English  


Good Neighbour Church England (GNCE)

Good Neighbour Church England (GNCE), a registered charity (Charity no: 1195452), was established as a Charity Incorporated Organisation in the UK in 2021. It provides essential support to Hongkongers as they navigate their new lives in the UK. It also offers assistance across physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions while fostering a close-knit community spirit.

Contact: https://www.instagram.com/englandgnc / englandgnc@gmail.com


Social activities, peer support and volunteering opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering or helping out with activities involving Hongkongers, contact any of the organisations listed above directly.   

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Drop-in sessions on social activities, peer support and volunteering opportunities

Drop-in session on local support in Yorkshire and Humber region – 20 April 2022

This event provided an overview of help available for Hongkongers settling in Yorkshire and Humber. The session was split in two parts covering national and regional support. 

Drop-in session on volunteering - 2 February 2022

This session provided an overview of what volunteering is, explained benefits of volunteering and help available to volunteers in Hull, Leeds and Sheffield.  


Other drop-in sessions


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