Privacy notice for the Hong Kong Advisory Panel


Migration Yorkshire leads on the Hong Kong Welcome Programme in Yorkshire and Humber and hosts the Hong Kong hub. We're currently looking for up to 20 individuals from Hong Kong, who have arrived in the region via the British National Oversees BNO visa route, to be part of the Yorkshire and Humber Hong Kong Advisory Panel.

This notice explains how we will handle the personal data you give us during the Panel application process.

Our purposes for collecting your personal data

  • So we can administer the Panel.
  • To help us ensure the Panel is as representative as possible.

How we'll look after your data

We'll store your personal data securely and handle it in line with UK data protection legislation. We won’t share this data with anyone outside Migration Yorkshire, or with other organisations, unless you agree for us to do so after you have joined the Panel.

The application form is in 3 parts. This is how we will use the data from each part:


1 Your name and contact details

If you are successful in your application, we will keep this data on record to use for administrative purposes while you are a member of the Panel and delete it when you leave the Panel or the Panel stops operating.

If you withdraw your application, or you’re not successful, we will delete this data once we’ve finished the application process.

If you ask to go on a waiting list for membership, we will keep your data on record for 12 months then delete it unless you ask us to keep it.


2 Equal opportunities monitoring

During the application process, we will use this data to help us ensure the Panel is as representative as possible.

Once the application process has finished, we will anonymise this data (it will no longer be linked to your name) and use it in the event of future recruitment to the Panel, to help us ensure the Panel continues to be representative.


3 Additional information

We will use this information only to help us assess your application; we’ll delete it as soon as the application process is complete.


Our legal basis for processing your personal data

Our legal basis for processing your personal data is contract under Article 6b of the UK GDPR legislation. As a Panel member, you’ll be contributing to the work of the Panel and also receiving a benefit, so there’s an implied contract between you and us.


More information about your rights

Leeds City Council is data controller for Migration Yorkshire because Migration Yorkshire is part of the council. Details of your rights under UK data protection legislation, including details of the council’s Data Protection Officer, your rights as a data subject, and your right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office are available Leeds City Council's 'privacy and data' page