Hear from young people

Drawing by a young refugee

These stories give an idea of what it was like for seven young people as they each searched for safety and opportunities. They each produced their own digital story; most decided to tell something about their past experience.  Using video meant they could share what they wanted to share, in ways they felt comfortable with, using their own words, images and creativity.

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Aklilu, 18, Eritrea

Aklilu uses sketches to illustrate his childhood and the importance of the family who helped him. On his journey he lost touch and he still misses them very much.

My search for safety

Abdul, 18, Sudan

Abdul uses photography to tell his extraordinary story of living alone in the desert for 4 years before he was able to escape and make the long journey to safety.


Robel, 16, Eritrea

Robel uses the transition from black and white to colour film to demonstrate the wonder of finally arriving and meeting a friendly, tattooed police officer.


Salam, 16, Eritrea

Salam uses photographic images of a silhouetted figure, alone in a warehouse, to share the deeply harrowing experience of making and losing a friend in the detention centre in Libya.


Munir, 18, Sudan

Munir uses a film of walking around empty streets while reflecting on his current situation; he waits for a secure place to live and waits for an asylum decision.


Abel, 16, Eritrea

Abel uses hand drawn sketches to tell of his arduous journey, dealing with the violence and death which was a constant presence, and the toll it took on him.


Amanuel, 17, Eritrea

Amanuel uses a repetitive film as he talks about his life, he reflects on the freedom he has gained in the UK, but also the things he has lost.

Thank you!

A big thank you to Abdul, Abel, Aklilu, Amanuel, Munir, Robel and Salam. We've really enjoyed working with you and hearing your insights and experiences; we've learned a lot. Thanks for letting us share your videos.

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