Hear from our foster carers

A foster carer

Hear from foster carers about their experiences of supporting young refugees and from Welcoming Young Refugees team members talking about the huge difference foster carers make and what it's like being a foster carer.

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Finding a new home

It doesn't matter who young refugees are, finding a new home with the support of foster carers makes a difference.

Maqs: giving the right support

Maqs talks about why she decided to become a foster carer.

Lily: Ways to foster

Foster carer Lily talks about finding the way to foster that worked for her circumstances

Russell: hobbies and fostering 

Foster carer Russell talks about how he helps young refugees to enjoy hobbies with him. 


Russell: fostering and food

Foster carer Russell talks about how food can help young people settle in new homes and share their culture.

Kezia: all foster carers are different

Kezia talks about being part of a fostering support group that is made up of people from all background

Caroline: widening your horizons

Carer Caroline speaks about the two way process of supporting young refugees. 

Alan: family

Hear foster carer Alan talk about his relationship with the young person he fosters

Case studies

You can read case studies about foster carers’ experiences supporting young refugees. Hear from:

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