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'We immediately wanted to help' - Imtiaz's story

Imtiaz and Jabeen first thought about fostering when they found out there were not enough foster carers for all the children in need of care.

‘Having learnt that there was a desperate need for foster carers, my wife and I immediately wanted to help’, explains Imtiaz. ‘We thought that if [fostering] will help some children, it might be good for us too - because we’d be doing something so worthwhile.’

Eager to find out more, Imtiaz and Jabeen worked closely with their local authority to read-up on and learn the skills required to become foster carers.

‘We got as much information as possible about what was involved’ Imtiaz tells us, ‘including the skills we would need to look after someone else’s child. After all, sometimes it can be hard enough looking after your own kids!’

Soon enough, the pair’s drive and compassion paid off, and within a few months, the process concluded with them getting the green light to become foster carers.

Currently, Imtiaz and Jabeen are living with two of their own children and two foster children. They are both excited to share the joys associated with fostering, and how taking a child into their care brings so much happiness not just for the young refugees in their care, but to the whole family.

‘Being a foster carer has helped me, it’s helped my wife - and it’s helped my children’, Imtiaz explains. ‘Just being able to see how easy we have it, compared to other children who are going through so much. Fostering has made us more patient, more caring and more understanding.

‘Children come to us having been through so much and, if we can help them to relax, to feel at ease, and to chat freely with us - then we’re helping that child, and they’re giving so much back.

‘Fostering is teaching us new skills; it’s teaching us that life isn’t always easy. And it’s allowing us to provide security to a young person in terms of stability, affection and protection - the things these children often feel they lack. That’s how we feel we’re making a real difference.’

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