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We hope you enjoy our videos! Hear foster carers, social workers and other staff from Welcoming Young Refugees talking about the huge difference foster carers make and what it's like being a foster carer.

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Finding a new home

It doesn't matter who young refugees are, finding a new home with the support of foster carers makes a difference.


Maqs: giving the right support

Maqs talks about why she decided to become a foster carer.


Rosie: it’s the small things

Social worker Rosie talks about the small positive changes foster carers make to young people's lives.


Maqs: the process of becoming a foster carer

Maqs talks about the support she received while becoming a foster carer and what the assessment process was like.


Dinah: foster carers make a huge difference

Dinah from the Welcoming Young Refugees project talks about the difference a foster carer makes.


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