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Being a foster carer

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What's special about fostering young refugees?

You can change a young person’s life by offering them a home - a place to recover from previous trauma, and to start adapting to life in the UK.

Most young refugees are in their mid to late teens, so foster carers are essential in helping them transition to adulthood in a new country.

Young people can show remarkable resilience and adaptability, but they need good support and access to education and opportunities. As a foster carer, you'll be able to help a young person navigate complicated UK systems that may be familiar to you, but are totally new to them.

By fostering a young refugee, you'll also be playing an important role in making Yorkshire and Humber a welcoming place for newcomers. There's a real shortage of foster carers, and you can help.

Who can become a foster carer?

Most people can, if it's something they really want to do.

You can apply if you meet these requirements:

  • you're over 21
  • you have spare room
  • you have permanent leave to remain or you are a British citizen

You're also going to need qualities such as patience, compassion, understanding - and a good sense of humour!

What training and support is available?

There's lots of assistance, to help you to find your feet. For instance:

  • You'll be supported by a social worker or a support worker.
  • You'll have opportunities to meet other carers and support workers.
  • You'll have the chance to do in-depth training. The training is local authority led, and may count towards professional development.

It all starts with a first step

If you'd like to chat to us, or ask any questions, or register your interest in being a foster carer for a young refugee, get in touch today!

Go to the I'm interested! What do I do next? page to get started.

Other ways you can help refugees

Providing supported lodgings

If you're not able to be a foster carer right now, have you considered providing supported lodgings to a young refugee, instead? This option is available in most areas of the region, and it might suit you if you work part-time, or have other commitments that mean you're not able to be a foster carer at the moment.

Supported lodgings providers support young people as they move towards adulthood and full independence. The young person benefits from living in a home with adults to help them develop life skills and adapt to life in the UK. Checks are done to ensure your household is suitable, and that you can provide a safe place for the young person, but overall the assessment process for supported lodgings is shorter and less detailed than a full foster carer assessment.

If you're interested, please get in touch with us  We can let you know whether providing supported lodgings is an option in your area; and we'll support you through the process, just as we do with potential foster carers.

Other things you can do 

See the following websites for ideas of ways to help:






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I foster because...

"Becoming foster carers was one of the best things we have ever done. He has brought sunshine, enthusiasm and fun into our lives. He filled a space that we didn’t even know existed."
Sally, foster carer, Leeds


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