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A range of toolkits and other online resources useful for people working with unaccompanied asylum seeking children in the UK. With sections on:



Services and directories

Asylum Registration Cards [ARCs]

April 2020

Home Office

Description The Home Office have now changed the way ARC enquiries are made. In order to get in touch with the Home Office regarding ARC, an ARC query form now needs to be completed.

Child trafficking advice


Description free guidance for professionals concerned that a child or young person has been or is about to be trafficked into or out of the UK.

Equal access university scholarships for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

Student Action for Refugees

Description Information about all the universities which offer scholarships and bursaries for refugees and asylum seekers, with a link to each university's website.

Legal aid funded legal advisers in Yorkshire and Humber

Updated June 2020

Migration Yorkshire

Description A list of legal aid funded legal advisers in Yorkshire and Humber. Please bear in mind that capacity can change when contacting firms for information.

Local resources directory: for asylum seekers and refugees in Bradford, Halifax, Keighley and Leeds

Updated August 2018

Bradford City of Sanctuary

Description A list of resources available.

Project for the registration of children as British citizens [PRCBC]


Description The PRCBC is the first and only organisation to focus directly on children and young adults, including UASC and young migrants, and their right to British citizenship.

Safeguarding - asylum safeguarding contact points

Updated June 2020

Home Office

Description An up to date contact list for regional asylum safeguarding hubs across the UK. These contacts should be used in cases where further support is needed following the initial casework.

Services map

Migrant and Refugee Children’s Legal Unit [MiCLU]

Description Includes entries for over 300 services that can be accessed by migrant and refugee children and young people.

Telephone and email advice for issues relating to looked after migrant children and care leavers


NRPF Network [No Recourse to Public Funds Network]

Description Includes information about a new free telephone and email advice service for practitioners working with looked after migrant children and care leavers. Enquiries regarding looked after children and care leavers can be made by telephone to 020 7527 3868 [Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm], or by email to


Resources and guides

Developing resources for local authority practitioners supporting migrant young people


NRPF Network [No Recourse to Public Funds Network]

Description The NRPF Network is extending its advice and support provision for practitioners working with older migrant children in care and care leavers, offering a range of online guidance.

Digital storytelling project


My Bright Kite

Description My Bright Kite, have released twelve brand new personal testimonial films made by children and young people in migration who attend Lawnswood School, Leeds.

How to convey child-friendly information for children in migration

December 2018

The Council of Europe

Description A handbook to help front line professionals working with migrant children. The handbook includes:

  • Examples of promising practices implemented around Europe.
  • Practical tips to highlight ways to implement this guidance in practice.
  • Points to consider including specific situations or risk factors that would increase a child’s vulnerability or increase the barriers in access to rights.
  • Questions children may have at different stages of their journey.
  • Quotes from children.
  • Children’s recommendations.
  • Golden rules for each given context.

Information for new arrivals

April 2019


Description Videos for young people as they learn about and adapt to life in the UK.

Introductory guide and resource directory for foster carers supporting unaccompanied asylum seekers in Devon

January 2018

Fostering Devon

Description Tips for foster carers supporting UASC. It covers topics from mental health to education and includes a directory of services including places of worship, shopping and eating, and support organisations.

Mental health resource pack for refugees


City of Sanctuary

Description To help people understand the journeys that refugees and asylum seekers have been through that put pressure on their mental health. Aims to help people in frontline services, such as council offices and doctor’s surgeries, recognise issues and signposts them to available support. Features some good practice examples from Yorkshire and Humber – Leeds, Hull and Doncaster.

Migrant information hub

May 2020

Description Covid 19 information for migrants and services in Yorkshire and Humber. Resources to share, including: multi-lingual materials, national guidance, local services and support, along with news and updates on specific migrant issues. Has pages on:

Miniila app

Missing Children Europe

Description Miniila is an app that has been designed to support unaccompanied children in Europe. Miniila provides clear, child friendly information about useful services available in the area the young person is in. The app is available in at least eight different countries across Europe and in several languages. A handbook for organisations using and feeding in to the Maniila app is also available to download.

Refugee toolkit

The Children’s Society

Description Resources to enable all agencies to stay informed about the needs, rights and entitlements of young refugees and asylum seekers.

Seeking hope zine

June 2020

The Children’s Society

Description As part of Refugee Week, the Hope service group have created a zine that explores the experiences unaccompanied asylum-seeking children who migrate to the UK.

Sleep packs for newly arrived separated children

The Separated Child Foundation

Description Sleep packs are being offered free of charge.

Stand together 4 refugees [ST4R]

Children's society

Description A group of young refugees in Leeds have published a ST4R booklet that they hope will improve life for young refugees in this country.

Trafficking resource sheet

Cumbria Safeguarding Children Partnership

Description This resource sheet is designed to signpost local authorities and practitioners to resources which can support them in their response to child trafficking in their area. Many of the resources can also be found on our UASC hub policy and guidance section.

Unaccompanied asylum seeking children

November 2018

Migration Yorkshire

Description An overview of the unaccompanied children and young people who arrive in Yorkshire and Humber to seek asylum. Includes information about: routes of entry; legal status; different forms of leave to remain which may be granted to UASC, specifically affecting the children and young people who entered the UK as part of the Calais camp clearance in 2016 and 2017; and age assessment for young people who arrive without documentary proof of age.

Who is who?

The Migrant and Refugees Children’s Legal Unit [MiCLU]

Description The MiCLU have created a booklet for UASC called ‘who is who?’. It explains the roles of professionals involved in the lives of UASC and has been translated into a number of different languages. All versions are available online or a you can download an English version of the 'Who is Who?' booklet.

'Your money matters' - financial education textbook


Young Money

Description A free resource around understanding finances for young people. It is designed for schools and has useful information for all young people.


Research and reports

Children left out: securing children’s rights after Brexit

July 2020

Coram Children’s Legal Centre [CCLC]

Description A new report focusing on CCLCs own experiences of supporting children to apply to the scheme, it makes recommendations as to how the government can ensure no eligible child is left out of the scheme by its closure.

Children's social care budgets

November 2019

Local Government Association [LGA]

Description A new report from the LGA considers the challenges facing children’s social care budgets.

Education for refugee and asylum seeking children

July 2018

Refugee Support Network for UNICEF UK

Description A new report by UNICEF about refugee children’s access to education [including unaccompanied young people] includes analysis of long delays in accessing education in the UK – particularly for older, teenage children, joining school at exam age.

Ending immigration detention of children and providing adequate care and reception for them

July 2020

United Nations

Description The UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants has produced a new report focusing on the rights of migrant children.

Fostering Across Borders - materials

September 2019


Description  Links to documents and materials developed by the Fostering Across Borders project to help assess, support and improve the provision of family-based care to unaccompanied migrant children in Austria, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland and the United Kingdom. The materials include the Project's final report, which highlights key findings and recommendations.

Learning from people: the training method bringing service users and social workers together

April 2018

Community Care website

Description Social work students were put together with unaccompanied minors to create a new, collaborative learning space.

Comment Might be useful for those putting together a consultation with unaccompanied children and young people. 

London’s children and young people who are not British citizens: A profile

January 2020

University of Wolverhampton

Description A new study by the University of Wolverhampton has estimated that over 215,000 children in London are growing up without any formal immigration status.

Not so straightforward: experiences of children in care and care leavers in Greater Manchester affected by Brexit immigration changes 

October 2019

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit [GMIAU]

Description GMIAU has released a report about the experiences of children in care and care leavers in Greater Manchester affected by Brexit immigration changes, and specifically those who may be eligible for EUSS.

Pushback report on children and unaccompanied children in Croatia

May 2020

Centre for Peace Studies and Welcome! Initiative [Croatia]

Description  A new report on ‘violent and illegal expulsions of children and unaccompanied children’ from Croatia into neighbouring countries such as Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia. Based on testimonies collected from children, the report highlights children’s experiences of violence at the hands of Croatian authorities, going ‘missing’, illegal pushbacks and detention.

Relocating unaccompanied children: applying good practices to future schemes

May 2020

EU agency for Fundamental Rights

Description The report examines relocation schemes for unaccompanied asylum seeking children across Europe, and discusses some of the challenges faced by various programmes.

Someone to smile at you, that’s all you need’: life in Yorkshire and Humber for a young person seeking asylum

December 2019

Migration Yorkshire

Description Read the findings of this research, undertaken as part of the Welcoming Young Refugees project, which aims to better understand young refugees’ experiences of arriving in a new country alone, at a young age. Both the full report and a summary are available to download.



Between insecurity and hope. Reflections on youth work with young refugees

December 2018

Council for Europe

Description A Youth Knowledge book commissioned by the Council for Europe which reflects on work with young refugees in Europe and their experiences.

Caring for unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people



Description Information for UASC’s foster carers about different countries, cultures etc for children from Iran, Eritrea, Afghanistan and other key nationalities. A series of booklets available to be purchased from the CoramBAAF website.  

Guide for social workers supporting refugee and migrant children in England

July 2019

UNISON and Coram Children's Legal Centre

Description This resource provides a clear guide to law in England, gives an overview of the issues affecting refugee and migrant children in the UK and identifies common themes related to providing support to them from a social work context.


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