Tips on searching the A-Z of organisations

We’ve listed the search options below, with some tips on how to get the best out of the searches. 

1  Find an organisation by name  If you know the name of the organisation you’re looking for, find it by clicking on the links on the horizontal A-Z bar. We don’t use ‘the’ at the start of names in the index, so you’ll find the British Red Cross under ‘B’, not under ‘T’, and so on.

2  Free text search  This is good when you don't know the name of an organisation, but you know something about it: for example, you know part of its address, or that it has the word ‘centre’ in its name, or that it works with solicitors. Type your search term[s] into the box, check that you have the correct spelling, and click ‘search’. This search engine works on exact words and phrases.

3  List all organisations  Click ‘go’ to see all of the organisations in the database, listed in alphabetical order. Any names starting with numbers will show at the top of the list.

4  Use our advanced search  This search has 4 options:

  • Topic or keyword – such as disability, domestic violence, employment
  • Immigration status – if you choose ‘migrants [all]’, you’ll get organisations working with all migrants and organisations working with a particular group such as migrant workers, asylum seekers, refugees. To get results relating only to a particular group of people, such as ‘refugees’, use one of the other choices on this drop down list.
  • Type of organisation – some common types of organisation by sector, such as ‘voluntary sector or charity’ or ‘local authority’.
  • Place – you can search by some local authority areas such as Leeds or Calderdale, or by a sub region such as ‘South Yorkshire’. Picking ‘South Yorkshire’ will give you a list of organisations which are based in and / or offer a service in part or all of South Yorkshire.

When using this advanced search, you can search on one or more of the options at once, but you can only make one choice on each of the 4 drop down lists. When you have made your choices, click ‘search’.

Viewing and printing your search results

The search results appear as a list of names of organisations: click on each to get more information about the named organisation and a 'print page' button. If you’d rather see the information for all of the organisations in your search results on the same page, click on the ‘view search results in full’ button, and you'll get this in a printer-friendly format.

Can't find an organisation?

If you can’t find an organisation in the A-Z , this is probably because we don’t know about the organisation, or it doesn’t fit our criteria, or it hasn't responded to an invitation to be included. Please let us know if you think there’s a relevant organisation that we’ve missed, and we'll check it out. You can find our contact details on the right hand side of your screen, near the top of this page.

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