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What was Roma SOURCE?

Roma SOURCE was a European project that aimed to combat and reduce discrimination through developing mutual understanding between Roma and mainstream communities, promoting equal rights and highlighting best practice. The project ended in March 2013. The Roma MATRIX project followed on from the success of Roma SOURCE.

Roma SOURCE [Sharing of Understanding Rights and Citizenship in Europe] was a 2 year project co-funded by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme.

What was Migration Yorkshire’s role?

Migration Yorkshire coordinated the European project as the lead partner, and ran one of the regional projects – Yorkshire and Humber Roma SOURCE.

Who were the European partners?

The project involved eight organisations from six European countries, with each organisation working on different aspects of the project in their region:

Some of the partners worked in regions of Europe which are traditionally home to Roma communities, others in regions which had more recently become a destination. Working with colleagues from areas in Europe where Roma are from and have traditionally settled provided opportunities to share knowledge, skills and expertise.

What did the Roma SOURCE project do across Europe?

The overall European project focused on a number of key areas, with different European regions leading on each:

  • Conducting research and mapping Roma communities.
  • Protecting the rights of children and ensuring that they are safe from harm.
  • Addressing the health needs of Roma and the impacts of new arrivals on health authorities and providers.
  • Addressing worklessness and tackling employer prejudice and discrimination.
  • Effective participation of Roma communities in policy making and society.
  • Working in schools.

What happened in Yorkshire and Humber?

In this region we worked with a range of partner organisations from different sectors that worked with Roma. The work included:

  • Coordinating a regional network to share learning, knowledge and expertise around how local areas respond to Roma.
  • Raising the profile of Roma issues, as identified by partners.
  • Working on health and community engagement issues.
  • Making sure local partners were supported in delivery by providing information and guidance on delivering to Roma.

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