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Title: Hepatitis B: report of prevalence and access to healthcare among Chinese residents in Sheffield UK
Author: Vedio, Alicia; Ellam, Helena; Rayner, Frances; Stone, Benjamin; Kudesia, Goura; McKendrick, Michael and Green, Stephen
Date: 2013

Title: Giving space: care, generosity and belonging in a UK asylum drop-in centre
Author: Darling, Jonathan
Date: 2011

Title: An evaluation of the Gateway Protection Programme: a report commissioned by the Home Office
Author: Platts-Fowler, Deborah and Robinson, David
Date: 2011

Title: Exploring older women's citizenship: understanding the impact of migration in later life
Author: Cook, Joanne
Date: 2010

Title: Parenting in modern Britain: understanding the experiences of Asian fathers
Author: Salway, Sarah; Chowbey, Punita and Clarke, Lynda
Date: 2009

Title: Older refugees in the UK. A literature review and interviews with refugees
Author: Age Concern and Refugee Council
Date: 2008

Title: To Sheffield with love
Author: Hynes, Patricia and Mon Thu, Yin
Date: 2008

Title: Iroko. Group work project for young women refugees. Final project report March 2005-April 2008
Author: Iroko
Date: 2008

Title: Sheffield
Author: Refugee Support
Date: 2008

Title: Developing identity: Somali children in Sheffield
Author: Valentine, Gill and Sporton, Deborah
Date: 2008

Title: Sheffield's migrant communities
Author: Vickers, Daniel and Campbell, Malcolm
Date: 2008

Title: The housing pathways of Somali new immigrants in Sheffield
Author: Aden, Hassan; Rivers, Kaltum Osman and Robinson, David
Date: 2007

Title: The housing pathways of Liberian new immigrants in Sheffield
Author: Bazzie, Akoi; Casey, Rionach and Taylor, Prince
Date: 2007

Title: The European Roma of South Yorkshire. A research report.
Author: Grayson, John and Horton, Marion
Date: 2007

Title: The housing pathways of Polish new immigrants in Sheffield
Author: Gryszel-Fieldsned, Tamara and Reeve, Kesia
Date: 2007

Title: New migrants in England and their needs
Author: Kofman, Eleonore; Lukes, Sue; D'Angelo, Alessio; Montagna, Nicola and Di Florido, Emily
Date: 2007

Title: The housing pathways of Pakistani new immigrants in Sheffield
Author: Robinson, David and Siddiqah, Aisha
Date: 2007

Title: The housing pathways of new immigrants
Author: Robinson, David; Reeve, Kesia and Casey, Rionach
Date: 2007

Title: From refugee to citizen: 'standing on my own two feet' a research report on integration, 'Britishness' and citizenship
Author: Rutter, Jill; Cooley, Laurence; Reynolds, Sile and Sheldon, Ruth
Date: 2007

Title: The Sangatte work-visa holder: A 'natural experiment' in immigration policy
Author: Jordan, Bill and Brown, Phillip
Date: 2006

Title: Community profile: Eastern European
Author: Meridien pure
Date: 2006

Title: Rwanda in Sheffield: the global/local distinctiveness of greenspace
Author: Rishbeth, Clare
Date: 2006

Title: Novelty and nostalgia in urban greenspace: refugee perspectives
Author: Rishbeth, Clare and Finney, Nissa
Date: 2006

Title: A safe place to be? The quality of life of asylum-seekers in Sheffield and Wakefield
Author: Craig, Gary; Dawson, Andy; Kilkey, Majella and Martin, Gill
Date: 2005

Title: Refugees' opportunities and barriers in employment and training. DWP research report No 179
Author: Bloch, Alice
Date: 2002

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