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Title: An evaluation of the Gateway Protection Programme: a report commissioned by the Home Office
Author: Platts-Fowler, Deborah and Robinson, David
Date: 2011

Title: Forced labour in the UK and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority
Author: Wilkinson, Mick; Craig, Gary and Gaus, Aline
Date: 2010

Title: After Wilberforce: an independent enquiry into the health and social needs of asylum seekers and refugees in Hull
Author: Campion, Peter; Brown, Sally and Thornton-Jones, Helen
Date: 2009

Title: Accession to recession: A8 migration in Bristol and Hull
Author: Glossop, Catherine and Shaheen, Faiza
Date: 2009

Title: Rural migrant worker projects: Hull Together!
Author: Commission for Rural Communities
Date: 2007

Title: The Haven Project Hull 2002-2007: final report
Author: Martin, Gill
Date: 2007

Title: At a turning point? The state of race relations in Hull
Author: Craig, Gary; Wilkinson, Mick and Johar, Ali
Date: 2005

Title: Leave to remain. The frontline struggle of Hull's refugees
Author: Glazer, Daphne
Date: 2005

Title: Gateway Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder - migrant workers
Author: MRUK
Date: 2005

Title: The problem with asylum-seeker dispersal: transitions, structures and myths
Author: Dawson, Andy
Date: 2002

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