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Title: The Limits of Inclusion? Exploring the views of Roma and non-Roma in six European Union Member States
Author: Brown, Philip; Dwyer, Peter; Scullion, Lisa
Date: 2013

Title: An evaluation of the Gateway Protection Programme: a report commissioned by the Home Office
Author: Platts-Fowler, Deborah and Robinson, David
Date: 2011

Title: Neighbourhood, community and housing in Bradford: building understanding between new and settled groups
Author: Phillips, Deborah; Athwal, Bal; Harrison, Malcolm; Robinson, David; Bashir, Nadia and Atkinson, Judith
Date: 2010

Title: An introduction to the mapping of new migrants in Bradford's cultural industries since 2005
Author: Poh Yoke Loh, Panni
Date: 2010

Title: Muslims and community cohesion in Bradford
Author: Samad, Yunas
Date: 2010

Title: Evidence from research and development work in Bradford
Author: Farnell, Richard
Date: 2009

Title: The development needs of refugee communities in Leeds Bradford and South Yorkshire
Author: Choksi, Archana; Berenjian, Marzieh; Chirwa, Hlabera and Nakuti, Dorine
Date: 2008

Title: Immigration, faith and cohesion
Author: Jayaweera, Hiranthi and Choudhury, Tufyal
Date: 2008

Title: Working with refugees and migrant communities: towards a coordinated support strategy for refugee community organisations [RCOs] in Bradford
Author: Katalushi, Clement
Date: 2008

Title: A8 migration in Bradford. A template for action.
Author: Bradford Central and Eastern European Working Group
Date: 2006

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