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A healthcare needs assessment of the Slovak Roma community in Tinsley, Sheffield

Author[s] Moore, Lizzie

Date 2010



To identify and explore key issues relating to the health and health care of Slovak Roma people in Tinsley, Sheffield.


Eight semi-structured interviews with 4 individuals and 4 couples were conducted. Participants were accessed via a health visitor who had existing contact with them. Participants varied in relation to time spent in the UK, age, sex, social position and level of health needs. Nine professionals working for healthcare providers were also interviewed. The size and scope of the study was limited by resource constraints. There is also potential bias acknowledged by the research relating to difficulties in accessing Roma people independent of the health visitor, and being unable to interview some individuals without family intervention. Subsequently the most vulnerable and isolated may have been excluded from the research.

Key issues

The report focuses on the scope and nature of healthcare provision and its ability to meet the needs of Slovak Roma in Tinsley, Sheffield, as well as the low health status of Roma, barriers to health education, primary care and health promotion.


The report concludes that health services are largely unable to meet the complex health, language and cultural needs specific to this particular community. As a result, Roma remain isolated from appropriate and effective services, despite their determination to improve their lives. This has reinforced a sense of powerlessness within the community.


The report states there is a need to ensure that health information and advice is more readily accessible to the community. This is particularly important because lack of health education limits the capacity to prevent illness and to benefit from medical interventions. Widespread health education could be achieved through the provision of more translated materials, culturally specific support in the form of a dedicated Roma health worker, and greater access to interpreters and English classes. In addition there needs to be opportunities for the Roma community to influence service planning and delivery through sustained consultation and collaboration in health provision.

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University of Sheffield, Sheffield

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