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Migration Impact Fund profile of East Europeans in Doncaster

Author[s] Sporton, Deborah

Date 2010



The report profiles the Eastern European [both A2 and A8] population living in Doncaster in 2010.


Data was obtained through a survey of 200 Eastern European migrants and then by in depth, semi structured interviews with 20 of the respondents [who were selected to ensure a cross section of the Eastern European migrant community in terms of nationality, age, gender, experiences and so on]. Other data, including Worker Registration Scheme data and National Insurance Numbers data, was also analysed - as well as more unusual sources such as primary school language support data.

Key issues

The report looks at how East European migration has changed the profile of the population of Doncaster since 2004. It uses tables, graphs and case studies to illustrate how this change has impacted on services, including education, housing and health, as well as the impact on community cohesion. The report also provides detailed information on employment of East European migrants including employment rates, occupations, pay and conditions and the role of recruitment agencies.


Particularly noteworthy conclusions include:

  • Deskilling is a major feature, mainly due to language issues.
  • No specific communities of association have developed, which is surprising given the size of the A2/A8 population in the area.
  • Migrants experience a significant amount of harassment.
  • Return rates elsewhere may be overestimated given the findings in the report.


The report offers a number of recommendations for local authorities and others aimed at improving the integration of East European migrants into the host communities.

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Department of Geography, University of Sheffield

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