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An introduction to the mapping of new migrants in Bradford's cultural industries since 2005

Author[s] Poh Yoke Loh, Panni

Date 2010



The research was a short project commissioned by the Northern Refugee Centre [NRC], on behalf of Parity Associates as part of their regeneration work for disadvantaged communities, as an introduction to the mapping of new migrants in the cultural industries in Bradford since 2005.


Data was obtained through interviews and focus group discussions during winter 2009-10 with a small number of new migrants from A8 and African countries that had arrived in Bradford since 2005 and who were trained and/or experienced in a cultural industry. Information was sought from key personnel who work with new migrants on their knowledge of new migrant experiences in these industries.

Key issues

The report looks at the experiences of a small number of new migrants, and presents two polish case studies, to identify the barriers and aids to seeking and gaining work in Bradford’s cultural industries [for example music/film/TV production, publishing, architecture, crafts and design, visual and performing arts, sport, advertising, cultural tourism and so on]. The main concern for the new migrants interviewed was being able to financially support themselves and their families, which has meant that they have had to put their creative ambitions on hold. Those that are in a position to pursue their creative ambitions feel that there is very little information and support available to them.


The research found that there are very few known new migrants from A8 or African countries working in the cultural industries, but those that are working in these industries feel that command of the English language, length of residence and knowledge of how to access information and services are key to opening up possibilities.

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