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The region's strategy to integrate refugees. A positive approach to absorbing new migrants

Author[s] Warm, Rob

Date 2004


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The article provides an overview of the first regional integration strategy launched in December 2003 and discusses some issues related to refugee integration in Yorkshire and Humber. The article argues that there is a centuries-old tradition to welcome people to Yorkshire and Humber who are fleeing war and persecution, and describes how the new strategy aims to help refugees settle and contribute. The nature of arrival to the region changed with the introduction of dispersal in 1999. The percentage of asylum seekers receiving a positive decision in Yorkshire and Humber is higher than at a national level. Becoming a refugee is often seen as the end of a process, but change of status can bring complications and challenges. The strategy aims to help retain refugees in the region, as part of a recognition to retain people with high level skills.


Welcoming refugee integration is all the more important in the face of negative media portrayals. The numbers are low. If Yorkshire and Humber loses refugees who move to other areas the region misses out on an enormous potential resource. But the first reason for offering help to new settlers must be humanitarian.

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journal article
Journal The Yorkshire and Humber Regional Review
14, 1: 34-35

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