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Rwanda in Sheffield: the global/local distinctiveness of greenspace

Author[s] Rishbeth, Clare

Date 2006



The Viewfinder project aimed to pilot an innovative methodology that would be responsive to the complex nature of landscape perception and use to explore the perceptions and use of urban greenspace in Sheffield by a group of refugee participants.


The project developed a methodology that combined an accredited basic photographic course with a qualitative research project that included weekly visits to public open spaces, taking photos and discussion with six refugee participants from five countries.

Key issues

The article presents findings, including photographs, on perceptions of greenspace and encountering place in the city, the park, the garden, and the woodland; memory and association in landscape experience; and refugees and reflective nostalgia.


Engaging with greenspaces had a positive role in the interplay of place, culture and identity by unlocking expert knowledge, providing a different means of conceptualising home, and by giving a sense of common human experience.

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Rwanda in Sheffield: the global/local distinctiveness of greenspace
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