Research details

New communities mapping project

Author[s] North Lincolnshire Council

Date 2005



To obtain a profile of new communities, map service delivery and to explore challenges and issues of integration faced by new communities and how well local services were responding.


Analysis of available statistical and other information; discussions with service providers, community and support groups and leaders; and a questionnaire completed by 73 members of new communities.

Key issues

The report provides profiles of new communities with estimated numbers based on limited available data from various sources including the census, ESOL providers, and employers. Definitions of immigration status and issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers and migrant workers are outlined. The report also outlines national and local features of employment, education and service provision issues; accommodation and housing; health and social issues; and discrimination and harassment.


Recommendations are directed at statutory and community service providers and include the need for monitoring and data, sharing and combining services, improving recruitment and employment practices, ESOL provision, enforcement of housing standards, health provision, and promoting integration.

Further details

Resource type
Published by
North Lincolnshire Council, North Lincolnshire

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