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Diversity in West Yorkshire enterprise: A qualitative study of new migrant workers from A8 countries

Author[s] MCC Consulting

Date 2008



The research, funded by West Yorkshire Enterprise Partnership Ltd, aimed to develop an understanding of enterprise and employment issues in relation to new migrants in West Yorkshire, to pilot methods of increasing diversity in enterprise, and to review action research outcomes.


The research was qualitative and combined questionnaires, focus groups, 150 random semi-structured interviews with new migrant workers, and action research pilot events.

Key issues

Following a discussion about defining new migrant workers, the report outlines details of the respondents and findings on barriers or problems faced by new migrant workers, earnings, access to the UK job market, and enterprise and entrepreneurship. The findings focus on migrants' perceptions of the UK, West Yorkshire and work. The report outlines key points from discussion groups with Polish and non-Polish migrant workers on reasons for coming to the UK, feelings of settlement and knowledge/ experiences of finding employment; and points from a discussion group with recruitment intermediaries.


There is no evidence that new migrant workers have travelled to the UK to start businesses here.


Recommendations are for West Yorkshire Enterprise Partnership Ltd and relate to improving information for new migrant workers about support for enterprise and business opportunities.

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West Yorkshire Enterprise, Leeds

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