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Briefing on international migrant workers in the Humber area

Author[s] Matthews, Roger

Date 2006


Key issues

The briefing discusses a background to recent migration and provides available data on the numbers, countries of origin and places of residence and work of migrant workers. Reasons for migration to Britain and the Humber, issues of employment conditions and migrant aspirations are outlined. Other issues covered include views of employers in recruiting migrant workers, workforce issues, exploitation, skills and experience, impact on the labour market and the implications of migration for the Humber area.


There has been a rapid increase over the last two years in the number of overseas migrants who have mainly taken low skilled work in important sectors of the area's economy; there is little evidence of direct effects on local unemployment but there may be longer-term influences. Migrants bring skills and qualifications which are often little used.

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Humber Economic Partnership, Hull

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