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Remittance strategies of Zimbabweans in Northern England

Author[s] Magunha, Farai; Bailey, Andrew and Cliffe, Lionel

Date 2009



To investigate the remittance strategies of Zimbabweans living in Northern England in 2008.


The research used 'ethnosurvey' research design that combined 307 community surveys with qualitative and ethnographic data from 35 community semi-structured interviews, expert interviews, field notes and community corroboration with Zimbabweans living in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and the Humber.

Key issues

The paper addresses findings from the research relating to the scale, scope and implications of remitting, the characteristics of those remitting and not remitting, and implications for theory and policy. It is argued that the extent of remitting has been underestimated, both quantitatively and conceptually. The profile of remitters is that they are more likely to be married, in an older age group, making one or more visits to Zimbabwe, intending to return employed, possessing higher levels of education. The research found that remitting piles pressure on Zimbabwean families in the UK and in Zimbabwe, and can represent a form of dependency and deepening inequality with negative consequences for recovery in Zimbabwe.


Policy must remain equally attentive to social and economic processes. The remittance debate must consider the transnational context of remitting.

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University of Leeds, Leeds

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