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Insights in the SUNRISE refugee housing experience

Author[s] Lukes, Sue; Hynes, Patricia and Perry, John

Date 2008



To distil the housing experiences of three Strategic Upgrade of National Refugee Integration Services [SUNRISE] pilot projects in different areas of England, and share these insights with those who will be running the new service, and with other agencies with key roles to play in housing refugees.


Research was carried out over November and December 2007. 16 structured interviews were conducted with those delivering and affected by the SUNRISE pilots in Leeds / Sheffield, London and Manchester.

Key issues

The report summarises the housing issues raised by SUNRISE and draws lessons for the Refugee Integration and Employment Service [RIES] providers. It emphasises the crucial importance of housing in refugee integration, while setting out some of the myriad problems faced in accessing appropriate housing and related services, not least the short transition period of 28 days between the date of a decision and cessation of UK Border Agency support.


It is possible to identify five core requirements for setting up and running housing-related services for refugees that deliver vital signposting and links within the limited 28 day transition period: good networks, good resources, good training, good systems and good management of expectations.

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Housing Association Charitable Trust, London

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