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New migrants in England and their needs

Author[s] Kofman, Eleonore; Lukes, Sue; D'Angelo, Alessio; Montagna, Nicola and Di Florido, Emily

Date 2007



To map new migrant communities in the UK and identify possible consequent development opportunities.


The research, undertaken by the Social Policy Research Centre at Middlesex University, was commissioned by Refugee Support. It reviewed available data and interviewed statutory and co-ordinating bodies, local policy makers and voluntary organisations in 12 localities in England. Three of the localities were in Yorkshire: Leeds, Sheffield and Doncaster.

Key issues

The report reviews available sources of statistical data, provides maps of WRS [Worker Registration Scheme] and NINo [National Insurance number] distribution in England, and describes the selection and approach to research in the 12 localities. Data from statistical sources and interviews is analysed and findings and limitations discussed in relation to the movement of migrants, categories, transience, long term and family settlement, local intelligence and future trends. The main needs of new migrant communities are identified, including in terms of housing [advice, supply, conditions, security, homelessness]; destitution; language provision; employment; health; legal advice; and integration/ community relations. Local partnerships and policy initiatives are briefly listed.


Recommendations, aimed at statutory and voluntary housing providers and other services, cover housing advice, specialist housing, accommodation for the destitute, English language teaching, interpreting and translation, health access, legal advice and support, and community cohesion. The report specifically identifies Yorkshire as an area in need of an advice and support hub for new migrants.

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Metropolitan Support Trust and Middlesex University, London

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