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Working with refugees and migrant communities: towards a coordinated support strategy for refugee community organisations [RCOs] in Bradford

Author[s] Katalushi, Clement

Date 2008



The report results from a consultation undertaken by ABCD Ltd and COEMO in Bradford on service provision and infrastructure support available to refugees and asylum seekers.


The consultation process included two focus groups with practitioners and service users and a workshop.

Key issues

The report provides key points and recommendations emerging from discussions and workshops on housing, older people and health. These show a variation in the extent to which voice and influence work is integral to voluntary and community sector organisations. There are different understandings about support given to refuges and asylums seekers and the extent to which this is being subsumed by the new migrants agenda.


The needs of refugee community organisations [RCOs] and the people they serve should be met through diverse approaches to service provision.


Produce a directory of services, bridge the gap between service providers and users, establish a regionwide strategy to recognise and to develop the capacity of RCOs.

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Action for Black Community Development, Bradford

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